Antiparos is famous for many things. Today we will see something different. It is called Cronus and certainly not without reason since the architecture of this building reminds of something… alien and probably reminds us of another planet of our solar system, Saturn. The reason for the residence on the Cyclades island that belongs to the category of those that stand out for their aesthetics and construction. The images of the interior and exterior of the residence are certainly impressive and certainly do not go unnoticed.

The luxurious residence in Antiparos that looks… like Saturn!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       This impressive building with a very unique design, as we said, is located in the Cyclades and specifically in Antiparos and stands out from the classic traditional island architecture. Looking at the photos, one can see that the house is structured in rings. The circular wall from which this residence has been constructed by the architecture office DECA, has as its base some movable natural panels made of durable and highly elastic bamboo. The material was chosen to protect the interior and exterior of the house from the strong winds that are known to prevail in the area all year round, as in all of the Cyclades. So the occupants of the house can in one movement move the bamboo panels according to the direction of the wind. The result is to limit the feeling of winds for those inside while at the same time the panels filter natural light, creating sunny or shady spaces. The luxurious residence does not lack all the comforts. The windows in the upper areas of the villa open towards the sea, flooding the rooms with light and endless views. With six bedrooms and nine bathrooms, Cronus certainly offers not only stylish but also spacious comfort. In addition, double doors connect the interior living room space to the exterior terraces making the two spaces appear as one. Outside, Cronus has a stunning infinity pool, curved in design to follow the same architectural motif of the house. In the center of the outdoor space is a large shaded dining room with a postcard view, an outdoor home theater and barbecue area that make Cronus, the ideal home for parties and entertaining.

Space shape                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Apart from the construction itself and the materials that have been used, what makes the Cronus residence so special is its space shape as when you look at it from above, it looks like the planet Saturn with the rings around it. The scenery is completed with the surrounding low vegetation and the hill on which it is built looking out over the Aegean. In order for someone to enter the house coming from the hill, he essentially descends into a cavernous, cavernous, corridor while looking at some point in the distance his eye will be lost in the endless blue of the sea. A space residence in Antiparos that few know of its existence but everyone is enchanted as soon as they see it. If someone is now fascinated by this residence and wants to make it their own, they can for 7.5 million euros.