Infrastructure projects of the first phase start immediately, with a total budget of 250-300 million euros

The urban regeneration of Elliniko is in full swing and is proceeding according to the schedules, despite the new challenges that have appeared at the international level which affect our country, said Lamda Development CEO Odysseas Athanassiou, during the presentation of Experience Center, the largest of its kind at the international level, reports the APE-MPE. A center where visitors, with free admission, have the opportunity of an interactive tour in a sustainable, smart and innovative city that is created. The tour of the Center takes place through five thematic zones with facilities and experiential experiences, which reveal the history of Elliniko and the plans of the largest urban regeneration in Europe.
Mr. Athanassiou, pointed out that the infrastructure projects of the first phase of Elliniko, with a total budget of 250-300 million euros (out of a total of 500 million euros), start directly from the contractor that has been announced after a tender, while in October The first excavations for the construction of the project of the Residential Tower (Marina Residential Tower) begin, after a competition that will precede it. A Tower that will be the tallest green skyscraper in the Mediterranean and aspires to become a new landmark at European level. A tender will follow to select a contractor for the construction of the project.
It is noted that the consortium of Intrakat – Bouygues Batiment International and Intakat has been selected as a consultant, who will provide pre-construction consulting services regarding the design, scheduling, supply chain and construction management of the project in the form of Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) for the construction of this Tower. Also, as Mr. Athanassiou said, the works for the construction of the building start, a model at an international level, which will house 4 associations for the disabled and will be delivered in 2023, with the construction costs to be borne entirely by Lamda Development. As it was pointed out, among other things, the demolition took place after a series of studies that provide, among other things, the separation and utilization of materials, through recycling processes and even within the construction site to a large extent, in order to avoid traffic congestion in the area. Water resources were also utilized to save water, etc.
Mr. Athanassiou reiterated that the demand for housing renovations in the first five years exceeded initial expectations, with the result that pre-sales bring significant capital to the company. The CEO of Lamda Development reiterated that the financing of the Hellinikon project is already fully secured even before the start of the projects and recalled the successful capital increase of 650 million euros, the issuance of a bond of 320 million euros and the loan agreements 1 billion euros signed with Eurobank and Piraeus Bank. He also pointed out that the issue of a bond in 2022 or 2023 is being considered, depending on the circumstances.
Τhe Experience Centre
The tour of the Experience Center, as it was pointed out, is for the visitor a journey into the future, into the new way of life, which has already started to be created in Elliniko since last December, when the public was given the Experience Park, a first area of ​​the largest Coastal Park in Europe, the Metropolitan Park. According to Lamda Development, young and old receiving their state-of-the-art registered tickets from its entrance embark on an interactive tour of a sustainable, smart and innovative city. A city that is becoming a reality day by day. The tour takes place through five thematic zones with facilities and experiential experiences, which reveal the history of Elliniko and the plans of the largest urban regeneration in Europe. The historical landmarks and works that compose the design of The Ellinikon “come to life” in front of the eyes of visitors in the largest interactive model in the world of 45 sq.m. years. The Metropolitan Park, the 3.5 km coastline, the bike lanes, the first “green” skyscraper) in Agios Kosmas, which will be the tallest building in the Mediterranean, the shopping malls, the Marina and the five-star hotels. Also distinguish undergrounding of Poseidon and access to the area. A little further down, young and old can tour with an interactive bicycle in the Park of Elliniko, with a total area that will exceed 2 million square meters, having to choose between many routes.
They have already traveled by interactive boat, on a small artificial lake, on the upgraded coastline and at The Marina of The Ellinikon, on a journey that begins with the bright light of the Attic sky and ends after sunset. In the upper ledge we toured one of the modern “smart” homes of The Ellinikon where all the devices are connected to the internet of Things, have sensors and can be adjusted remotely. They save energy, offer security and show how the new homes are. We are interactively located in one of the 200 apartments of Marina Tower and specifically on the balcony of the 25th floor apartment with unobstructed sea views.
The Experience Center is housed in one of the three hangars of the Air Force, which are designated by the Ministry of Culture as the newest monuments of Greek history, and welcomes the public daily from 10:00 to 21:00. Sheds A and B date back to about 1938, while Shed C, which houses the visitor center, dates back to about 1950. Admission is free, and reservation is required via the website https: // www. The Visitor Center is located inside the Experience Park, the new experiential park which is now open to the public from 10:00 to 23:00 daily. Access to the Center is from Vouliagmeni Avenue, very close to the Elliniko Metro station. For the convenience of visitors there is a free parking space in the Park, which also serves the visitors of the Experience Center.