Incorporating smart and green technologies and at the heart of the renovations is emphasized by engineers Making the rounds of the world’s largest digital communications and technology exhibition at the beginning of the previous decade, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​the term “smart” had begun to make its appearance: smart home, smart car, smart home appliances and finally smart city (smart city). The creation of the new interconnected world was still in an early pilot stage, without actually being of interest to the general public.

Few could have imagined that just 15 years later with the rapid development of networks and the Internet of Things this new interconnected world would have largely become a reality today. In this context, few professionals from the real estate sector could foresee the developments that these new technologies would bring to the creation of the “smart”, “green”, interconnected home. A residence that today, even in our country, is not a type of luxury but is of interest to an increasing number of citizens.
Steady growth in buyer preference for smart homes
In particular, in our time, we observe a steady increase in the preference of buyers for smart homes in Greece, says the managing director of the New Deal Real Estate Group, Christos Bletas. In more detail in his statements to APE-MPE, he points out that the reasons are multiple and important. First, smart homes offer convenience by automating everyday tasks such as lighting and temperature management, saving time and effort for residents. In addition, energy saving is another factor that encourages their choice, as these systems reduce consumption and costs, especially during periods of absence of residents. Security is also a critical reason, with modern systems offering advanced solutions such as alarms, cameras and smart locks, increasing the sense of security.
The ability to adapt and personalize the systems to the needs and preferences of each individual is an additional factor that cannot be ignored. Finally, the cutting-edge technology that smart homes incorporate offers a life experience that combines practicality with innovation, he also adds
At the heart of the renovations is the integration of smart and green technologies
According to converging estimates of engineers who undertake the supervision of renovation projects and spoke to APE-MBE during renovations, an increasing number of owners are making the integration of smart and green technologies their first priority. In addition, an EU directive now provides for mandatory energy upgrading of public buildings, new buildings, older apartment buildings and other residences in order to be sold or rented. Nor should he rent the property he owns if he does not have the minimum certification. However, the time frames are different, as this directive will come into force from 2026 and the deadline will go until the end of 2032.
As the engineers point out, the changes that have occurred at the manufacturing level during even the last five years, compared to even the immediately preceding years, are large and substantial. They range from the general construction specifications, to the materials used, and even the tools. New technologies and the term “smart” have penetrated everywhere. The young couples wish, despite any financial difficulties they face, to create a “smart” home as possible that incorporates new technologies to some minimum degree, so that they can also equip it with smart home appliances.
The trend towards creating a smart home is also shown by the preferences of consumers to equip them with smart devices. In particular, according to data from XIAOMI in Greece, consumers show an increasing interest that turns into purchases for smart home devices that contribute to the creation of a smart home. Devices such as robotic vacuum cleaners, Air Fryers, smart lighting, televisions, personal space security solutions, cooling and heating devices and other smart solutions for the home are in greater demand in our country. As stated by XIAOMI, common characteristics of smart devices in a smart home are the ability to connect and control from a smart mobile phone, automation, management flexibility and the provision of different solutions based on daily needs.
In Greece the first smart city internationally with all “smart” and green residences
At the center of the developments and trends regarding the new residential properties, which incorporate all the smart and green technologies not only in Greece but also internationally is the Hellinikon project, which is being developed by Lamda Development. In particular, as the company points out in the prospectus released last week, in addition to the great architectural signatures behind every residential and commercial development of The Ellinikon, what makes the new town’s residences unique are the ” smart” management systems. The “Homes of the Future”, points out Lamda Development, will have the appropriate infrastructure to offer unique services to their residents, such as the central control and programming of all their household appliances and the optimization of their operation based on needs and habits their. In this way, resource consumption and environmental footprint will be minimized, ensuring a sustainable future for all. The “smart” technologies that the state-of-the-art residences of Ellinikos will have are part of the unique standard of living introduced by the new city, as in addition to the ease of transportation, the infrastructure will also be of the latest generation.
In this context, as mentioned by Dimitris Karastogiannis, chief business development officer of Lamda Development, speaking at a conference of SEV and IAA Greece, the smart city The Ellinikon is being created, a city of the future, which will utilize technology and smart infrastructures. Sensor networks, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications will leverage data, predicting building and infrastructure maintenance needs, detecting damage at an early stage, saving costs, energy and natural resources. In addition, the utilization of these technologies will enable the creation of modern communication and interoperability services, as well as advanced digital solutions, offering an unforgettable experience to the residents and visitors of The Ellinikon, said Mr. Karastogiannis.
The challenges on the road to the smart home
As pointed out by executives in the field of technologies, the road to the creation of the smart world and by extension the smart home at an international level and by extension in Greece has a series of challenges. As the simultaneous development and adaptation to the new data of many individual branches of the economy is required, as well as the cooperation of involved businesses and agencies. All together in cooperation with the state responsible for infrastructure development should be coordinated, in conjunction with the creation of a modern institutional and regulatory framework to create the interconnected smart world that is in full swing.