Realizing building installation works

Such works take place in private buildings and in various construction sectors; they include works in industrial buildings, airports, office buildings, residences.

BBK undertakes to execute these works by using adequate workforce, engineers and foremen, and by coordinating crews of its choice.

Our basic methodology is to prepare the project on the basis of the following axis:

Drawn up the design and study, if required. In this case, our engineers (architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, topographers, etc.), undertake the entire range of studies, from diagnostics to the feasibility study and to the implementation study as well as the construction details.

  • Drawn up the Value Engineering on an existing study. Such service is provided by our company to optimize an existing study at any stage this may be (preliminary study, final study or implementation study).

Our company engineers analyze separate studies, technical specifications, timelines and timetables, with the intention to provide solutions that will optimize such project in one or more separate aspects of it.

  • Ensure the workforce for the construction site and the execution of works. Proper workforce at the site is a major issue for the realization of high quality and extremely demanding projects. This is why our workforce consists of engineers, foremen and technicians who have been though an evaluation process and who have the necessary experience and qualifications. Works are executed based on drawings, studies and time planning, under constant supervision and overview of the details.

Our experience encompasses the following fields:

  • Building for care and education
  • Industrial buildings and installations
  • Hotel and tourist accommodation units
  • Professional Office Buildings
  • Housing buildings