Maintenance of Facilities

BBK is active in the field of Facility Management.

By “Facility Management” we mean multiple services of the construction sector provided to ensure operability, comfort, safety and efficiency of the facility by integrating people, processes and technology.

“Facility Management” contributes to longevity, operability, efficiency and saving of resources and capital of the entire building shell along with its installations. It is easily understood that maintenance is even more important in professional buildings as much for their more frequent use and for ensuring uninterrupted operability of the activity, keeping in full business readiness and use all the means and equipment.

Here are some of the benefits offered by regular maintenance:

  • Avoiding impact on operational performance
  • Supporting productivity of facilities and workforce
  • Reducing risks for facilities and workforce
  • Mitigating environmental impact
  • Promoting sustainable tactics for the long-term cost management
  • Exploiting and integrating technological solutions
  • Reducing or exceeding natural calamities impact
  • Guarantying compliance with legislation in force
  • Pre-school education facilities (Nursery schools, kindergartens, Children’s Creative Activity Centers)